My horse came down with colic last Saturday. After our local vet came out and oiled her she declined several hours later. I called Dr Sweatt because I have know him a long time. He told me he wasn’t on call but that I would be in good hands with Dr. Hutchins. I was cautious because I had never seen him before but I trust Craig so we headed that way. It’s close to an hour drive but it was so worth it. I did end up loosing my horse but it sure wasn’t from a lack of trying. Dr. Hutchins is knowledgeable, explained things someone without a vet degree could understand, didn’t sugarcoat or give false hope. And he tolerated my non stop chatter like a champ, that’s a bonus. He was very compassionate as well after Sammy had passed. He hugged me afterwards and it felt real, not forced. He’s a winner in my book.”

Toni J.

“I took a very sick calf with a 107.3 fever here and spoke with Dr. Sweatt and within a short amount of time he pinpointed exactly what the calfs problem was and immediately advised on treatment (which 100% saved my calf). The expertise of this staff is astounding and I couldn’t be happier with my interaction with this team. Dr. Sweatt is a straight shooter and knows what he is talking about. I appreciate you having my best interest in mind and providing me with solid solutions to help my situation, its great to be able to have a place close by that really cares about the animals and clients.”

Jonathan M.

“Such an Awesome environment and some what entertaining whatching Dr Hutchins and Dr Sweatt work their magic. I’m very impressed and thankful for y’alls help on my calves. Thank You.”

Ross T.

“Doc Sweatt and the Lady working with him (sorry I don’t know her name) both were great! They truly seem to love what they do and seem happy to share their knowledge and experiences with you.”

Scott S.

“I have to thank Dr. Hutchins and Katelyn for coming out today to help fix pig pig’s teeth. I had no idea how bad they were, but they did an amazing job and he’s back eating again! Thanks again guys!”

Joni P. W.