Surgical Procedures at Our Weatherford Animal Hospital

If you’re the proud owner of a dog, cat, farm animal, or all of the above, you want to know that your special friends will always have access to the skilled, high-quality veterinary care they need, including surgery. Here at North Texas Veterinary Hospital in Weatherford, we can perform surgery on dogs, cats, cattle, and horses. These services include:

Sexual Sterilization

Sexual sterilization surgery prevents unwanted pregnancies in cats, dogs, horses, and cattle. These procedures also remove or reduce the odds of some serious diseases, including reproductive cancers. In horses and cattle, neutering (gelding) is much more common than spay surgery (which can be risky in these animals).

Dental Extractions

We want to help your pet keep his teeth for life, but that isn’t always wise or possible. A seriously broken or infected tooth is a source of agonizing pain and potential systemic illness. In such cases, we perform extractions to relieve the pain, protect surrounding structures, and permit healing.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Humans, pets, and livestock can all suffer from soft tissue injuries, illnesses, or abnormalities that might call for surgical intervention. We can perform exploratory surgery, remove tumors, correct organ dysfunction, and remove foreign objects.

Minor Orthopedics

Orthopedics is the science of treating joint ailments and injuries. Our animal hospital can perform minor orthopedic procedures that can help ease chronic pain, correct lameness, and help your animal enjoy a higher quality of life.

Ophthalmic Procedures

If your pet is suffering from an acute eye injury or a medical condition that threatens his eyesight, ophthalmic surgery may help. For example, we can replace a cataract-ridden lens with an artificial lens. If the eye cannot be saved, we can perform enucleation surgery to remove the eye safely.


C-sections (Cesarian sections) are a kind of abdominal surgery that is often performed when a mother is experiencing a breech birth. Our team makes an abdominal incision to retrieve the baby from the uterus, then closes the incision with stitches.

Equine and Bovine Dystocia Correction

Equine or bovine dystocia (difficult labor) can be a nightmarish scenario for owners, but your veterinarian at North Texas Veterinary Hospital can handle it. If the foal or calf cannot be manipulated in utero to facilitate assisted foaling or calving, we can perform a surgical procedure called fetotomy to make a breech delivery possible without resorting to a C-section.

Your Weatherford Veterinarian Is Ready to Help

If you think your four-legged friend might need surgery, you’ve got a friend at North Texas Veterinary Hospital. Call (817) 458-3355 to talk to any Weatherford veterinarian on our team. Big or small, we can treat them all!