North Texas Veterinary Hospital Offers Pet Preventative Care

Preventative care allows pet owners to take a proactive approach with their pet’s health, to avoid many of the common health problems animals encounter during their lifetimes. Simple preventative actions can make a significant impact on your pet’s health as the year’s pass. At North Texas Veterinary Hospital in Weatherford, TX, we offer a complete range of preventative care options for your pet.

Wellness Examinations

During your pet’s regularly schedule wellness visits, your vet will examine your pet from head to tail to detect any problems or abnormalities. The vet may also do blood, urine and fecal tests to ensure your pet is enjoying good health. If any minor problems are found, they can be treated, to prevent them from developing into larger health issues.


Staying updated on your pet’s vaccinations help to prevent common transmittable illnesses that can make animals very sick. We offer all “core” vaccines, as well as vaccines for special circumstances.

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas can make your pet miserable and also infest your home. Ticks that your pet can pick up from the grass or shrubs may carry diseases that can make him or her very sick. We offer a number of flea & tick control products to prevent these problems.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm larvae are transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. The microscopic worms travel through the bloodstreams and lodge in the heart and lungs, where they can make your pet very sick or even threaten the animal’s life.

Dental Care

Good dental care helps your pet to get proper nutrition and can also prevent disease, by eliminating bacteria that can travel to other organs of the body. We offer teeth cleaning, extractions and treatment of gum problems.

Internal Parasite Testing & Treatment

Internal parasites prevent animals from getting the nutrition they need and can weaken them, which makes them more susceptible to disease. Your Weatherford vet can do fecal testing to detect internal parasites and can provide appropriate treatment to eliminate internal pests.

Make North Texas Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarian in Weatherford, TX

Our talented staff combines their many years of veterinary experience to provide quality care for their patients in Weatherford, TX and surrounding areas. We offer many services for dogs and cats at our animal hospital. We also offer equine, bovine, small ruminant, swine and camelid services.  You can call North Texas Veterinary Hospital today at (817) 458-3355 for an appointment to learn how preventative care can help your pet live a longer, healthier life.