Internal & External Parasite Control

Animals can be subject to parasites, both on their external coats and inside their bodies. When infestation occurs, pets and other animals can be miserable and may have their general health undermined. Many of these infestations can be prevented with preventative veterinary care. At North Texas Veterinary Hospital in Weatherford, TX, we provide detection, prevention, and treatment of external and internal parasites in horses, cattle, dogs and cats.

External Parasite Detection & Treatment

During regular exams, our Weatherford veterinarians will examine your animals for signs of external parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and mites. These pests can cause a variety of problems that can make animals feel uncomfortable and sick. Parasite prevention measures are available to repel these pests, and when a problem occurs, our vets can help with a variety of effective treatments.

Internal Parasite Detection & Treatment

Many animals develop internal parasites that can lay dormant for a period of time and may only become evident when the animal is under stress. Some of these parasites can then be transmitted to people. Our Weatherford veterinarians can do a fecal testing to detect signs of internal parasites that can undermine the health of pets and livestock. If parasites are found, we will administer safe and effective treatments to eliminate them, so your animals can receive the full benefits of nutrition and thrive.

Heartworm Testing, Prevention, & Treatment

Heartworm larvae can be transmitted to pets through the bite of a mosquito. Once in the bloodstream, they migrate to the lungs and heart, which can make animals very sick. Regular administration of heartworm prevention medications can avoid this problem. Our vets can test your pet’s blood for heartworm disease and can provide treatment if these parasites are detected. Prevention is the best way to protect your pet against this serious disease.

Parasite Control at Our Animal Hospital

Drs.Hutchins, Sweatt, and their associate veterinarians use their extensive training and experience to help their patients in Weatherford, TX and nearby communities maintain good health at every stage of life. We offer a broad range of veterinary services, including examinations, preventative care, dental care, diagnostics, surgical procedures, and pharmacy services. At our animal hospital, we treat all types of animals. To have your pet tested or to learn about effective parasite prevention methods in pets, call North Texas Veterinary Hospital at (817) 458-3355.