You’re hoping that your trusty horse will be with you for many more years. It’s important to remember that horses require ongoing health care just like dogs, cats, or human members of your family. Our Weatherford animal hospital, North Texas Veterinary Hospital, can provide both in-house and mobile care for your horse.

From Preventative Care to Surgery: High-Quality Treatment for Horses like Yours

Our clinic combines small-animal and large-animal services to provide comprehensive care for pet owners throughout the Weatherford area. Your horse will benefit from our combination of skill, expertise, and state-of-the-art technology. We offer:

  • Preventative wellness care – we can provide your horse with deworming, vaccinations, periodic wellness exams, performance evaluations, and other preventative measures to keep him healthy and happy.
  • Dental care – From check-ups, extractions, and tooth floating (removal of overgrown tooth enamel), you can trust our team to look after your horse’s oral wellness.
  • Minor orthopedics – Joint problems can prove vexing or even disastrous for horses, but some of these problems can respond nicely to minor orthopedic treatment methods. We’ll be happy to help your horse overcome chronic pain or acute injuries.
  • Lameness exams – Why is your horse showing signs of lameness? We can evaluate his hooves, musculoskeletal systems, stance, gait, and other factors to find, and then treat, the underlying cause. We also offer farrier services if your horse’s hooves need care.
  • Reproductive care – You can rely on us to monitor your horse’s reproductive health for life. We provide such important services as gelding, C-sections, and fetotomy surgery to aid in delivery of foals.
  • Internal medicine – When your horse’s insides are out of order, you’ll be glad you know an equine veterinarian at North Texas Veterinary Hospital. We can treat a wide range of infections, systemic disease, injuries, and abnormalities.
  • In-house diagnostics – Our in-house lab gives you access to our full range of diagnostic techniques and technologies.
  • Surgery – We offer a variety of surgical techniques, from tumor removal and wound closure to emergency surgery.
  • Ambulatory and Emergency care – We’re always available to provide urgent or even life-saving care.
  • Physical and rehabilitative therapies – From cold laser therapy and extracorporeal shockwave therapy to regenerative medical techniques, we can help your horse heal more quickly and efficiently from tissue damage.

Need an Equine Veterinarian in Weatherford?

If you need an equine veterinarian for in-house or mobile care in Weatherford, you need North Texas Veterinary Hospital. Call (817) 458-3355!