At NTVH, we provide care of cattle and small ruminants for producers and ranches in Parker and its surrounding counties. We emphasize proactive herd-health management, but our team is capable of addressing most individual animal health issues that can occur in the field. With our new cattle working facilities, it’s easy to get your herd or individual processed quickly, safely, and efficiently. We are proud to be your partners in your livestock’s veterinary care.

We accept equine and large animal emergencies from 6 am to 10 pm, seven days a week every day of the year. Please call ahead at (817) 458-3355 so we can ensure a veterinarian is available to receive your case.


Your horses have access to the full spectrum of veterinary care from preventative health care through our in-hospital or field services to surgical procedures ranging from soft-tissue to minor orthopedics. And with the feasibility to utilize state-of- the-art equipment and advanced facilities, we can provide a total package of care. Your animal is truly in capable hands.



Herd Health, Vaccinations (incl. Calfhood), Consulting, Internal Medicine, Testing Procedures – Tuberculosis, Pseudorabies, Trichomonas, Brucellosis, Fertility; Dehorning, Deworming, C-Sections, Dystocia Correction, Routine Surgery, Pregnancy Evaluation / Ultrasound, Heat synchronization / Artificial Insemination, Castrations, Ambulatory and 24hr. Emergency Services, In-House Laboratory


Small Ruminants / Camelids

We offer both in-clinic and ambulatory services to meet the needs of our clients and patients. A list of services is listed to address the needs of your sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas.



NTVH offers a swine services for micro pigs all the way up to breeding sows and boars. We perform herd health consulting and testing. See the list below to find the service you’re looking for. If a service or test is not listed, call the office at (817) 458-3355 for more information.