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Your Weatherford, TX Veterinarian Welcomes You to Preventative Care for All Animals, Big and Small!

Making the choice for your animal care just became easier. Our North Texas Veterinary animal hospital goes above and beyond for all creatures, large and small. We help dogs, cats, horses, and cattle--perfect for the preventative care your animals need.

In Weatherford, TX, our veterinarians are seasoned professionals at understanding the landscape of the region and what animals require to thrive on farms and in homes. No equine or bovine is off limits; we offer an exam for the hooves and paws you hold dear.

Your Weatherford, TX Veterinarian Welcomes You to Preventative Care for All Animals, Big and Small!

A Full-Service Veterinary Animal Hospital

Drs. Hutchins, Sweatt, and McLeod, our premier Weatherford veterinarians, provide comprehensive services for all of your animal's needs. The clinic is friendly and calm, therefore your beloved pet feels right at home in our waiting room. Together, and with their extensive veterinary education and background, they want to ensure your dogs and cats and horses, and cattle are treated with the utmost in health and wellness. 

After a routine exam, here are the services we offer:

    • Dental care
    • Annual vaccinations
    • Spay and Neuter for all animals
    • Preventative care through proper diet and exercise recommendations
    • Surgical procedures, including bovine and equine, as well as dogs and cats
    • Medical imaging--we use state of the art equipment to diagnose each one of your animal's conditions.

As a full-service animal hospital, preventative care is the priority. Our recommendations for your cattle, horses, dogs, and cats have been researched and tested so we are able and prepared for any emergency. We want to make certain what your animal needs is everything first-rate that we provide.

We are committed to the highest level of regard once you and your animal set foot in our doors. Our supportive staff is here to welcome and guide you, alongside our esteemed Weatherford veterinarians, whether you're a walk-in customer or have a scheduled appointment.  

Plan a Visit for ALL of Your Animal Hospital Needs

We have several pertinent preventative care articles to help you navigate your animal hospital care. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, we are always ready to rise to the occasion to treat your animal immediately. Oftentimes, a hesitation with an emergency can mean life or death for your fur family member. 

Call us  whenever you suspect that something is wrong with your animal, especially upon first notice. Our Weatherford veterinarians are poised to give your creatures an exam, to vaccinate, to spay, neuter, depending on the severity of the emergency. 

Our staff at North Texas Veterinary Hospital looks forward to hearing from you! You can call us at (817) 458-3355 to schedule an appointment today!


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  • "Very knowledgeable, and affordable care for a wide range of animals. Highly recommend."
    Korey S.
  • "All the vets and staff are wonderful!! Highly recommend them for Small and large animals both!!"
    Nicole T. P.
  • "Wonderful care which included keeping me informed of all of the options for my Chihuahua’s care."
    Vicky P.

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